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White Filling

White Filling

Today, white filling, which has become more preferred than Amalgam filling, is a filling material that is generally used in the treatment of decayed teeth, broken teeth or damaged teeth. It is also used to fill tooth gaps and to make teeth longer. So, does the color of this white fill always remain white? Anything that can cause a change in the color of our own main teeth also causes a change in the color of the white filling. In other words, you should show the same sensitivity in the white filling after the white filling, just as you have followed the cleaning rules for your teeth until today. As much as the coffee, tea, cigarette or acidic beverages you drink have a yellowing effect on your own teeth, they have the same effect on white fillings. The fact that the white filling is the most suitable among other types of aesthetic treatment is also among the advantages of the treatment.

It should not be forgotten that our teeth are living tissue. Some tools are used when cleaning the decaying part of our tooth, and considering that these tools work faster than you might expect, the presence of an injury to the tooth or the sensitivity after the filling process should be a normal result. However, just as the injuries in our other tissues heal over time, the injuries in the dental tissue will also heal over time, but during this healing period, our teeth are more sensitive than normal to very cold and very hot. In these cases, patients generally think that there is a gap under their fillings or they make comments as if my tooth is getting air. If you still have such ailments after 2 weeks after the white filling treatment, you should definitely talk to your dentist.

Difference Between White Filling and Amalgam Filling

1) While metals such as mercury and copper form the amalgam filling, the white filling creates a resin-containing substance.

2) No health hazards have been identified. No patients were identified who had problems with mercury in amalgam fillings.

3) White filling has a more aesthetic appearance than amalgam filling. Because natural tooth color can be obtained with various color alternatives, but this is not valid for amalgam filling.

4) The application stages of white filling treatment require more precision than amalgam filling.

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