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Veneer Teeth

Veneer Teeth

Veneer tooth application is mostly preferred when the tooth is completely decayed. In other words, it is no longer possible to treat the tooth to be crowned. In such cases, root canal treatment is performed and the veneer application is started. The tooth that is problematic in the dental veneer is reshaped and the veneer application is started. Here, it is important to choose the material to be coated very carefully, so that you can use your teeth for a longer period of time without any problems. Thanks to making the right choices in such details, a tooth with a natural structure at least as much as your own tooth is obtained.

How is Veneer Tooth Application Made?

The first step in veneer application is to measure the tooth. After the measurement of the tooth is taken, molds corresponding to these dimensions are prepared. These molds are mostly made of porcelain or different materials. First, the decayed tooth was cleaned and its new shape was created. It is time to put the prepared veneer tooth in the desired place temporarily. After this process, wait for a while to see if any problems are experienced. For example, it is expected that the required time will pass to see if there will be an abscess problem. If there is no problem, the tooth is adapted to the desired area. But if it is encountered with problems such as abscess, the tooth is removed again and treatments for the problem are applied. After the problems are completely eliminated, the process can be continued again.

How Long Does the Veneer Teeth Application Last?

To give the closest information about the treatment time, which varies according to the problem of the tooth, we can say that it takes approximately 3 sessions. If you hurry to finish faster, it can be finished in 2 sessions or it may take 4 sessions depending on your doctor. In fact, the important thing here is not how many sessions it ends, but whether you will have a problem after the process is over. If you hurry and try to minimize the number of sessions, you will have a high chance of experiencing problems as a result of the application. Therefore, our advice to you is that after deciding on the veneer application, you should choose your dentist very well and make sure that the veneers to be used are suitable materials. If you pay attention to such points, your recovery time will result in a shorter time accordingly.

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