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Vaginoplasty (Vagina Tightening)

In women, there may be some deformations in the vagina due to reasons such as pregnancy, vaginal birth, and aging. One of them is vaginal enlargement. Vaginal enlargement can be corrected with vaginal tightening operations. Vaginal enlargement can negatively affect women’s sexual lives. Vaginal infections can also be seen more frequently in case of vaginal width. To prevent these, to correct deformations and to restore the anatomy of the vagina, vaginal tightening surgery, that is, vaginoplasty, is performed.

In which situation is the vagina tightening operation performed?

The vagina is a structure made up of muscle and connective tissue. One of the components of connective tissue is collagen. Due to aging, vaginal birth, genetic structure, pregnancy, these tissues are affected and the vagina expands.

The most common cause of vaginal enlargement is vaginal deliveries. In difficult births, tears may occur in the muscle and connective tissue. Situations such as prolonged delivery and the inability of the baby to descend to the roof increase the risk of vaginal enlargement. People with genetically weak ligaments and muscle structures can have vaginal enlargement even if they do not give birth. In this case, problems may occur in feeling the partner during sexual intercourse. In addition, sound from the vagina during sexual intercourse can reduce the concentration of people on intercourse. Some people may have poor healing of stitches after vaginal delivery. In addition, there may be enlargement of the vagina due to some hormonal deficiencies. Vaginal tightening surgeries can be performed on patients with vaginal enlargement.

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