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Vaginal Cosmetic

Vaginal Cosmetic

Does Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery Work?

A significant number of women who complain about genital function or the appearance of the genitals apply to a doctor for surgical correction. Procedures such as vaginal tightening, plastic surgery for the genital lips, raising the ‘G’ point are the most demanded applications of the obstetrics branch. An important part of cosmetic vaginal surgeries can restore the visual functional equipment that the person desires or loses.

For instance, the reduction of very wide genital lips provides psychological relief to the patient and can sometimes prevent the discomfort caused by these, as well as it is known to be beneficial in sexual functions. In addition, psychological counseling before the vaginal tightening operation, teaching the pelvic muscles to work and sometimes treatment with local estrogens are supportive. When considered in a broad scope; person’s age, deformation, etc. Regardless of the circumstances, Vaginal Cosmetic operations can produce effective and desired results.

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