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Smile Design

Smile Design

Thanks to the smile design, some problems in the patient’s smile are eliminated and a more beautiful and aesthetic smile is provided. We can give examples of treatment methods such as zirconia coating, bonding, whitening, tooth and gum treatments, bridge and lip shape adjustment to the methods applied to eliminate these problems. After these treatments, the bad appearance caused by the teeth and gum problems in the person’s smile is eliminated. Considering the preferences of the person to whom the smile design will be applied, the image to be formed after the application can be seen on the screen in advance, thanks to some smile programs. In this way, you can roughly predict how you will look after the application.

What are the Problems Smile Design Solves?

  • Tooth color problems
  • Gum deformities
  • Defects in tooth design
  • Shapeless interdental spaces
  • Gap at the site of the extracted tooth
  • Disproportion of teeth to each other
  • Broken and cracked teeth

What are the Points to Consider in Smile Design?

Some criteria should be considered in patients who will have a smile design. These criteria are determined according to the age, gender, facial features, lip shape and gums of the person. If we need to examine these criteria in detail, we can make an explanation as follows.

Age Criteria

In advancing age, deformations occur in the gums and lip structure of people. For example, while the upper lip is lower due to muscle relaxation, the lower lip is lower due to gravity. For this reason, while the upper teeth of the elderly patients are almost invisible, their lower teeth are too much in the middle. This situation can be corrected by making it more aesthetic with smile design.

Gender Criteria

The teeth structures of women and men are not the same. The corners of the teeth of women have a more oval curvature than those of men, and the smile lines are also different. The front teeth of men, whose smile line is straighter than that of women, are also more proportional to the other teeth than women.

Face Line Criteria

One of the important points to consider when designing a smile for the patient is the facial features. If the patient has soft lines, making a tooth with very sharp corners will give the patient an unnatural appearance.

Lip Shape Criteria

Proportionality in the shape of the lips is a very important point for smile aesthetics. When the person smiles, the lower lip should display a curve compatible with the upper teeth, and the distance between the two lips must be compatible with the sizes of the teeth.

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