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Seamen Health Report

Seamen Health Report

Seafarer, crew, staff, trainee, cook, etc. working on ships abroad. It is the name given to other service providers. Seafarers are required to obtain a Seaman Becomes health report, which shows whether their health status is suitable for working on ships.

Thanks to this report, it is documented that the personnel who want to work on the ships do not have any disability or disease. To briefly talk about the people who need to get a Seaman Health report; These people are professional or amateur workers on ships, boat owners and small fishermen. In addition, people who go to sea as amateur seafarers are required to obtain a health report, and the report they will receive is called the Amateur Seaman Approval report.

Galata Polyclinic; It was established in 2002 in Karaköy, which has been known as Istanbul’s gateway to the sea for centuries, with the principle of “providing personalized health services”. Our main goal is to contribute to the continuity of your quality of life with our expert physician staff and modern equipment.

In Galata Polyclinic, with friendly, reliable and professional staff; Amateur, General Inspection, Periodic, Deck and Machinery Reporting services are provided. Professional and amateur seafarers, small fishermen and boat owners are required to receive this report for everyone working on ships.

Reporting procedures are concluded within the same day.

Who Must Obtain a Seafarer Medical Report?

Professional and amateur seafarers, small fishermen and boat owners are required to receive this report.

Candidates applying for a first-time seafarers Health Inspection Certificate and candidates who have not worked actively at sea for more than two years, as a result of the examinations, become a seafarer if they do not have a physical disability (injury or illness, etc.) are eligible for the report.

Seafarer Medical Report Renewal

The validity period of the seafarer health report is 2 years. Therefore, every two years, seafarers should pass the necessary examinations and be able to work on the ship, that is, they should receive an inspection report stating that there is no problem in their health. In the examinations made for the Periodic Health Inspection Report, detailed health control of the seafarer is carried out.

Seaman’s Wallet

Shipman’s wallet T.C. It is given by the Prime Ministry Undersecretariat of Maritime Affairs, Regional Port Directorate. This wallet is given to the officers and ship crews in charge of the ships outside the territorial waters of our country. These must also be a seaman’s certificate and if approved by the police department, they will also replace the passport. The validity period is 5 years.

Seaman Certificate

The Seaman Certificate is a document given to people who have the conditions to work on ships. The necessary conditions for obtaining this certificate are determined according to the health conditions. In a hospital that performs the necessary examinations for the seafarer certificate, a seaman certificate can be given to the person upon obtaining positive results from all tests. It is possible to extend the validity of this document with periodic inspections.

General Inspection of Seafarers
Internal diseases
Orthopedics and Traumatology
General Surgery

Examinations Requested for the Report
Lung X-ray
Glucose FCC (Fasting blood sugar)
Lactic Dehydrogenase(LDH)
Anti HIV(Elisa)
Drug Abuse(Drug Panel)
TIT (Complete urinalysis)

Required documents
Identity Card and Photocopy
4 Photographs

Report Receiving Dates and Times
Between 09:00 – 18:00 on weekdays (to be taken on the same day)

The period of validity
The Seaman Becomes a Seafarer health report is valid for two years, and then a periodic health check is required every two years.

Investigations for the seafarer’s health report require hunger. Candidates must arrive on an empty stomach between 9:00 and 10:30.

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