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Radiology Services

Radiology Services

In our clinic, radiological examinations with an infrastructure created with advanced devices are performed by digital method. In this method, unlike conventional X-ray examinations, the images are recorded on the computer, not on the film, and can be archived and stored for years.

Thus, the repetitions caused by the film dose being less or more than normal can be prevented due to the possibility of post processing (changing the film qualities) on the computer.

In addition, the radiation dose applied in the digital system is lower than the conventional system.

Evaluation of images with digital means is one of the indispensable conditions of providing accurate and quality service in radiology.

In our Radiology Unit;

  • Digital X-Ray
  • Panoramic X-Ray
  • Color Doppler
  • Ultrasonography
  • Diagnosis and treatment opportunities are offered with advanced technology devices.
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