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Onsite Health Service

Onsite Health Service

As part of the our privileged services, we are aiming to offer you in ‘cases’ where you cannot benefit of our regular services by visiting our polyclinic due to intense daily schedule, other occupations. On-Site Healthcare Service is provided mainly for our guests who are unable come to the clinic and thus cannot be examinated.

Time is Runnig Out, We are Aware of..

As Galata Polyclinic Istanbul, On-Site Healthcare Services Unit, with the awareness of the obligations experienced by today’s people, offering comfortable and pinpoint accurate health care in the environment where the visitor feel is most blessed, nearly “at home”.

Within the scope of our Onsite Health Services; We are offering all healthcare services from long-term patient care, nursing at home, on-site check-up packages and medical dressings, regular surgical injections as well.

You can have your required tests or consultations done without coming personally to our clinic, by making an appointment (mobile/online) at the appropriate time, by getting service from our mobile team at any time during the day.

  • Debit-Credit card and/or cash payment
  • Private health insurance
  • Saving of Time
  • Laboratory results by an E-Mail or E-Result
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