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What is Labiaplasty (Vaginal Lips Aesthetics)? 

Labiaplasty is operations performed to correct the lips in the female genital area for aesthetic concerns or functional reasons. The lips called labium, which is one of the external genital organs, are thicker and fuller large lips covered with hairs, and thinner small lips located in the inner part of the large lips.

When labiaplasty is mentioned, inner lip reduction surgeries that are performed mostly because the inner lips are large, asymmetrical or drooping come to mind. More rarely, interventions such as reduction or enlargement of the outer lips can be performed.

Conditions such as large, asymmetrical, drooping, irregularly rimmed, dark-colored inner lips may be due to innate genetic characteristics; During the life of women, changes may occur in external genital structures with the effect of hormones during puberty, advancing age, weakening of tissues due to menopause-related estrogen deficiency, and birth and pregnancies. In addition, undesirable and uncomfortable conditions may occur in the external genital area for many reasons such as frequent vaginal-vulvar infections, weight gain and trauma. With labiaplasty procedures, these elongated, sagging or asymmetrical lips can be shortened and shaped. Hollow and relaxed lips can be tightened and plumped.

How is labiaplasty surgery done? 

In these surgeries, which are performed painlessly under anesthesia, the anesthesia method to be applied may vary depending on the surgical procedure to be performed and the clinical condition of the patient. Local anesthesia, general anesthesia or regional anesthesia (waist anesthesia) methods can be used. In labiaplasty surgeries, the excess tissues on the lips are properly removed and these areas are repaired again. As a result, the lips in the genital area are reduced to a symmetrical appearance. Although there are various techniques defined today, the appropriate labiaplasty technique is selected according to the anatomical structure and expectations of the person.

What are the benefits of Labiaplasty for women?

– After genital aesthetics, women feel better and their self-confidence increases.

– When wearing sports clothes, tights, swimsuits or bikinis, a more aesthetic appearance is achieved.

– Pain is not experienced in sexual intercourse, there will be no difficulty and the pleasure is more.

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