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Hearing Test

Hearing Test

The hearing test is done for people who are thought to have a hearing problem. At this point, even if the person thinks that he/she hears normally, one of his/her relatives may warn him/her and suggest that he/she have a hearing test. This is common because people who are hard of hearing often do not realize they have it; they may even think that the people around them are speaking in low voices.

It may be helpful to have a hearing test if you frequently encounter situations such as the following.

If you have a ringing sensation in your ears,
If you have trouble hearing consonant words like ‘f’, ‘s’ and ‘t’ when people are speaking,
If you hear speech and other sounds muffled,
If you are getting warnings from people around you that you are speaking too loudly,
If you often have to ask others to repeat what they have said while talking to them,
If you have difficulty hearing when someone is talking to you in situations with background noise,
If you receive warnings that you turn up the volume of the movie you watch or the music you listen to when you are with other people,
If you need to constantly increase the volume of the television or radio when you enter an environment,
If you are afraid of going to social events in crowded environments because of not being able to hear or perceive people’s speech, you may consider having a hearing test.
How is Hearing Test Done?

At the request of your doctor, one or more hearing tests may be requested to understand your problem. The actions to be taken during the test will vary depending on the type of test to be performed.

In hearing tests for adults, warning sounds in different tones are played through a headset and/or the words are asked to be repeated.

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