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Gingival Manicure (Gingivoplasty)

Gingival Manicure (Gingivoplasty)

Gingival manicure, i.e. Gingivoplasty, is a method applied to eliminate the disproportions in the level of the teeth. Thanks to this method, the teeth are shaped and given a more aesthetic appearance. When you smile, if your gums are too prominent or the ratio of your gums and teeth is not what you want, this will disturb you. To eliminate this uncomfortable appearance, you can have a gum manicure. The first thing to be done in the person who wants to have a gingival manicure is to check the oral and dental health. If there is any problem, it should be eliminated first. Then, local anesthesia is applied by cleaning the dental caries, tartar and plaque.

Things to Consider After Gingival Manicure

Bandages, which should not be removed for an average of 10 days after the gingival manicure, are placed on the gingiva. You should pay attention to the foods you eat before these bandages are removed, and you should not eat hard foods such as crusty foods and very spicy foods. Instead, you should consume what is as soft as you can during this process. Although hygiene is a very important issue after the gingival manicure, you should be careful not to get into the band area while brushing your teeth until the bandages on the gingiva are removed, but you should not neglect to brush the parts where the bandage is not. After the bandage is removed, you should be careful about the treated teeth. For example, your toothbrush should have a soft bristle structure and you should brush with light movements while brushing.

Does Gingival Manicure Have a Healing Process?

A person who has a gingival manicure should not remove the bandage attached to their teeth for a period of 7 to 10 days. It may take an average of 4 weeks for the teeth to return to their original state after the bandage is removed, but it takes approximately 3 months for a complete healing to occur. After 3 months, the desired result will be achieved in the teeth and gums.

Is Pain Felt During Gum Manicure?

During the gingival manicure, no serious pain was experienced by the patients. Since local anesthesia is applied before the procedure, the probability of feeling a pain will be very low. However, it is normal to experience tooth sensitivity for a while after the procedure. Tooth sensitivity is experienced for a short time, but not for a very long time. In order to overcome this in the lightest way, you should pay attention to what needs to be considered after the gingival manicure.

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