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Employment Health Report

Employment Health Report

You can get your ‘Recruitment Health Report’ without wasting time at Galata Polyclinic.

The health reports given at the beginning of the job give information about whether the health conditions of the person to be recruited to the relevant profession are suitable. When you want to apply to various institutions or organizations, many documents are requested from you during the application process. One of these documents is the health report. This requested report is an important document that allows you to prove that you are healthy. A health report is defined as a report stating that you are healthy as well as any ailments you have. A health report, which is a health certificate, shows that the individual is both physically and mentally healthy. Another purpose is to indicate whether the person is suitable for the specified job or purpose. The health certificate is created after an examination and necessary tests by a specialist physician.

The examinations required from individuals in the preparation of health reports are as follows;

  • General Physical
  • Examination
  • Lung X-ray
  • ECG
  • Hemogram
  • Urine test
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