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Driver Health Report

Driver Health Report

Driver candidates (who will get their driver’s license for the first time) and those who want to renew their driver’s license can easily obtain the Driver’s health report from our center.

The amendment made in the Highway Traffic Regulation has brought new obligations to license holders. The change in the regulation, which paves the way for the recovery of the licenses of those who have a health problem that will prevent them from driving, also puts an end to the lifetime license application. Therefore, license renewal, driver’s license class addition, loss-loss and first-time license holders are obliged to obtain a driver’s health report. Driver’s health report can be given immediately after the health control of the driver candidates and drivers and at the end of the Eye diseases examination.

The examinations required from individuals in the preparation of driver health reports are as follows;

  • Ophthalmology Examination
  • Blood Group
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