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Dental Aesthetics

Dental Aesthetics

Dental aesthetics covers a very wide area. Dental aesthetics is the most preferred application in order to make the unpleasant images about your teeth, gums and lips more aesthetic. There are some stages of dental aesthetics. As a result of these stages, you can have a more beautiful and more confident smile. With dental aesthetics, gingival color, structure, tooth proportion and color can be brought to the desired state. If we examine the steps of dental aesthetics in sub-headings, we can create a list of steps as follows.


If your gums on the front teeth stand out too much when you smile and talk, it will be an uncomfortable image for you. Normally, the two anterior incisors start just above the part where they meet with the gums. The lip line, on the other hand, curves parallel to the area where the tooth, called the canine, and the gingiva meet. If this curve started from above, the so-called high lip line has occurred. In this case, gingivectomy is performed for the gums and your smiles gain a more aesthetic appearance.

Porcelain Laminated

This is the opposite of the high lip thing we talked about above. So it’s a low lip thing. In this case, the teeth are hardly visible. This situation occurs as a result of the loss of elasticity of the lips as the age progresses. When the lips lose their elasticity, the upper lip falls down and closes the upper teeth, and the lower lip causes the lower teeth to appear more. With the advancement of age, excessive consumption of tea, coffee, cigarettes, etc., especially the lower teeth lose more color, turn yellow and turn a brown color over time. With porcelain laminate, you can get whiter and natural-looking teeth.

Orthodontic Treatment

People with small jaws and large teeth may experience crooked teeth. These distortions cause the eaten things to enter between the teeth and accumulate there, thus preparing the ground for dental tartar and decay. The way to treat these distortions is orthodontic treatment. So braces are attached. Transparent wires can be used for those who are uncomfortable with the appearance of this treatment, which can be applied to all age groups. In addition, crowns and laminates can be used in orthodontic treatment.

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