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Bonding Application

Bonding Application

If you have problems with your teeth such as color, shape, size and posture, you can find a solution to all these problems with bonding application. Since the patient does not feel any discomfort in the bonding application, which is completed in an average of 30 minutes, anesthesia is not needed during the application. Thanks to the adhesives that cause stickiness on the teeth, the bonding application has achieved very successful results. Because after tooth polishing, the materials that need to be adhered to the teeth are attached to the teeth with adhesives. In this application, the expertise of the person performing the application and the quality of the products used increase the permanence of the bonding application. Under these conditions, someone who has bonded may not have problems for up to 10 years.

Does Bonding Application Change Tooth Color?

The products used in the bonding application are advanced technology products and do not have an extreme difference with the main structure of the tooth. Therefore, after this application, there is no serious change in tooth color. The color change experienced in the tooth actually depends on the drinks consumed, but the tooth color change caused by this reason can also be removed with teeth whitening. In addition, if there is any roughness on the surface while the teeth are being prepared, this polishing will minimize them and make the teeth highly resistant to the formation of tooth stains.

Who Can Have Bonding Application?

You can have the bonding application done at any age. This application does not have any age limit, and it adds an aesthetic atmosphere to the smiles of people with its successful results. An increase in self-confidence can be experienced with the bonding application, which can be done by children, elderly people, adolescents, in short, everyone without any hesitation.

Does Bonding Application Cost Too Much?

We can say that this application is one of the applications with the lowest price when compared to other applications in terms of cost. The cost of the bonding application, which is directly proportional to the quality of the material used by the expert, is not so much as to force the budget.

What should the patient comply with after the Bonding Application?

Before the bonding application, we should show the sensitivity that we need to show our teeth after this application. In particular, we should not break hard things such as walnuts and hazelnuts with our teeth, and we should never neglect tooth cleaning. Most importantly, those who have nail biting problems should be more careful in this regard and abandon this habit.

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