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Amalgam Filling

Amalgam Filling

First of all, it is useful to learn what amalgam filling is. Amalgam filling, also known as silver filling, is a type of filling made of a mixture of silver, tin and copper with mercury. The rate of mercury in this mixture is approximately between 45% and 50%. In this metal mixture formed, mercury allows the metals to adhere to each other and creates a solid filling material. Tooth loss is prevented by filling decayed teeth with amalgam filling, a method that dentists have used for tooth filling for many years.

Is There Any Harm To The Mercury Used In Amalgam Filling?

It has been determined by the studies that the mercury used in amalgam filling is not toxic and when combined with other metals, its chemical structure changes and turns into a harmless structure. Patients who attribute the cause of some diseases to amalgam fillings want to have their amalgam fillings removed, but there is no proven scientific finding on this subject so far. In other words, it is not a proven finding that the source of the disorders thought to be caused by amalgam filling is amalgam filling.

Why Do Dentists Prefer Amalgam Filling?

The fact that amalgam fillings are more durable, harmless and more economical than other fillings are among the reasons why they are preferred. According to studies, billions of people have amalgam fillings a year. Amalgam filling is applied in a shorter time and more easily than other filling materials. For example, porcelain, gold or white fillings require more cost and a longer process compared to amalgam fillings. Amalgam filling, which has less application sensitivity than other filling materials, is more robust than other filling materials except gold. The only important point to consider for those who want to have amalgam fillings is whether they have any allergies to mercury. If an allergic condition to mercury occurs as a result of the tests, it is not recommended for the patient to have an amalgam filling. Our advice to people who have amalgam fillings is that if it is not very necessary, do not remove your filling because this can damage your tooth structure.

Things to Follow After Amalgam Filling

After filling, that area should not be used for 1-2 hours and should not be fed with that area for a day. Very hot and very cold foods should not be consumed due to tooth sensitivity, which may be experienced after the procedure. Polishing should not be neglected 24 hours after the filling process. With this process, the metallic properties of the amalgam filling are improved and the condition of the filling after use is checked.

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