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    Paternity Test
    Is the approval of the parents required for a paternity test?
    From whom sample must be taken for a paternity test?
    How many days is the paternity test period?
    Who can learn the results of the paternity test?
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    Have You Had a
    Body Analysis Measurement?
    • Mineral weight
    • Body fat weight
    • Soft fat-free mass
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    Early Diagnosis
    Saves Lives!
    Breast cancer is in the first place among the malign diseases seen in the women.
    One of every 14 women in the world
    has breast cancer once in her life and
    1 of 3 of them results with death.
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    Social Media
    Follow us on social media to benefit from our
    current health recommendations.
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    Our Online Booking System
    Has Been Updated
    You can create your reservation in a few steps fast and easily.
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    Our Esthetic and
    Dermatology Clinic
    are at your Service
    Today, allergic skin diseases are increasing
    day by day due to the modern lifestyles
    and changing environmental conditions.
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    Our Healthy Eating
    Diet Clinic
    Weight-loss diets without tailor-made eating
    only makes us lose time. You can receive information
    from our diet clinic to determine the most
    accurate eating model specific for you.
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    Our Digital Radiology Unit
    is at your Service
    Radiology imaging methods that are an integral part
    of your staff of physicians who work in a substantial
    harmony and high team spirit...
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    Panoramic X-Ray
    is at your Service
    Panoramic x-ray is at your service in our
    Oral and Dental Health.

Galata Tıp Merkezi  Galata Medical Centre

Our medical centre was established in Karaköy, known as the gate of Istanbul that opens to the sea, through the principle of “Providing personalized health services” in 2002.

One of our most important objectives is to ensure that you feel safe and healthy by enhancing your life quality with our expert physicians’ staff, our team of smiling faces, and our modern furnishing.

During all the operations in our clinic, our “Health Consultancy” service is provided without interruption.

Beauty and Esthetic Clinic

Galata Tıp Merkezi  Beauty and Esthetic Clinic

For today’s people who work and look after themselves but experiencing time problems, it is no longer a problem to make use of our esthetics and beauty services during lunch and to take part in the possible dinners and evening organizations. 

In our beauty and esthetics clinic, many esthetic and medical solutions like skin care, skin rejuvenation botox – filling applications, mesolifting, healthy eating, weight-loss, and laser depilation are presented. 

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More detailed information about hyaluronic acid, which has been very popular during the recent years and referred to as youth vaccine as it yielded very satisfactory results, is given below.
It is an easy, reliable, and the fastest way of eliminating wrinkles, used to mitigate or eliminate the gesture lines that become clearer as the age advances.
Sweating is a physiological event that must be present in every healthy person and that varies from person to person. As the amount of seat vary from person to person, many times, it is difficult to diagnose and evaluate excessive sweating.
Deformations that take place on the face by the impact of time, such as thin lines, deep wrinkles, dents, and recesses, are the imperfections that presently many people, especially women, want to correct.

Mouth and Teeth Health Clinic

Galata Tıp Merkezi  Mouth and Teeth Health Clinic

A smile can make your world beautiful.
With the cosmetics and esthetic tooth operations, treatment methods of all kinds of dental diseases are realized with a great care.

  • Teeth bleaching
  • Laminate veneer
  • Implant
  • Orthodontia
  • Chin Surgery Operations

All the diagnosis, treatment applications are provided in a hygienic and safe manner and through the personalized methods.

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Healthy Eating and Diet Clinic

Galata Tıp Merkezi  Healthy Eating and Diet Clinic

In a healthy weight loss process not the amount of kilos you have lost by the amount of fat you have burnt is important!

In our dietician’s clinic where the analyses oriented to the person are conducted with the Body Analysis Device, personalized diet recipes are written as a result of the evaluations conducted in relation with the metabolism.

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Our Cruise Medical Service

Galata Tıp Merkezi  Our Cruise Medical Service

Our Cruise Medical Service, a part of the services of our clinic, was established in 2002, through our principle of providing personalized health service to foreign patients.

In our medical health service we provide in all the seaports of Turkey specially to Cruises; arrangement of the reservations of the sailors or passengers demanded by means of ensuring the health coordination with the local institutions when necessary, conduct of the analyses or imaging examinations, and all the surgical operations if demanded are evaluated by our expert team and their operations are conducted and, with the company of our personnel with the experience and education in terms of providing health service to the foreign patients, all the operations are completed in a perfect manner and reports are provided as demanded .

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Galata Tıp Merkezi  Check-Up

We aim at keeping your life quality high by realizing the required follow-ups in relation with your health through the check-up programs organized specifically for the different age and gender groups.

What is Personalized Check-Up?

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Modern medicine aims at keeping a person remain healthy by taking the required precautions before a disease appears because once a disease takes place, its treatment is very costly and the health has disordered once.
It is possible in our clinic to take your life quality to a happier and healthier living level thanks to our professional physicians by realizing the follow-ups of all the diagnoses and examinations through the check-up programs organized specifically for different age groups.

Our main goal is to contribute to the continuity of your quality of life...

Dear Guests,

You provide about your ideas and suggestions in order to better serve you, our clinic is extremely important.
Please share with us your comments and suggestions.

Galata Medical Centre


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